Greetings friends,

Today we share some difficult news for all of us here at Natural Vines®; after much consideration, due to a variety of business challenges, we have decided to discontinue the Natural Vines® Licorice brand.

We understand this may come as disappointing news to many of you.  To help, below we have provided answers to a few questions we think you may have.

From all of us at Natural Vines®, we thank you for all your support during our journey.  Now, on to the next fun adventure. :)

Best wishes,

The Natural Vines®  Licorice Family


What has led to the discontinuation of the Natural Vines® brand?

The highly competitive nature of the candy and snack industry makes it extremely difficult for a new brand to get the distribution and sales needed to build a sustainable business. Unfortunately Natural Vines® was not growing fast enough to remain in our product offerings for the long term.

How long will the product be available?

Shipments ended in August 2013. We anticipate product will be available on some store shelves through the end of the year.

Do you plan to sell Natural Vines® again in the future?

There are no plans at this time, but encourage you to stay in contact with the company and try out our other great brands. You can learn more info on our company site:

How can I get in touch with the company?

You can continue to reach out to us through our social media channels on Facebook and Twitter through the end of the calendar year. Alternatively, you can email us at

Can I order Natural Vines® directly from your company?

We are no longer accepting direct payment for Natural Vines®.